Artistic Direction


Augustin Rioux is a true Renaissance man. He has thirty years of rich and diversified professional experience. His range of expression embraces literature, visual arts and theatre, which makes him a unique artist, able to juggle with extremely diversified aspects of creation.

Augustin Rioux

The plural art explored today by Augustin Rioux originates from the theatre, as he studied set, costume and light design and then stage direction. Subsequently, he participated in numerous productions for opera, dance and theatre. As head of the T.O.H.I. company for ten years, he has staged works that question the relationship between music and theatre. As an editor, he has worked on several productions for television and film. He is a prolific writer, having to his credit dramatic plays, short stories and one novel. A significant source of inspiration for his artistic project is photography, an art form he has been studying in regards to its theoretical, technical and aesthetical aspects. Augustin Rioux is a founding member of the Eye-Eye-Eye company.