LogoEye-Eye-Eye is a Quebec-based creation company, whose mission is to trigger a reflection on the role of art, as well as on the importance of the contribution of artists on society.

A formal approach is used by its members in order to diversify the outlooks vis-à-vis a single work of art through the staging of the distinct elements of the overall project.

Audiences are invited to link certain elements belonging to various artistic disciplines – literature, visual arts, theatre, music, etc. – in order to grasp the work in its entirety. Each fragment represents an independent element designed to be presented on its own.

The manner in which we present a piece that can be “read” in many different ways indicates our wish to take the spectator, who is too often faced with converging elements that address a one and only discourse, out of its passive role.  We strive to engage in a rich and dynamic exchange with our audience over a plural art piece.

The name Eye-Eye-Eye reflects the diverse manners in which the spectator perceives our creations in order to understand them.

The company brings together some twenty affiliated artists from different backgrounds and generations. These artists collaborate in each project according to the demands of each artwork.